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Current Engagements

Current Engagements

Giddings Field Opportunities – Washington County, TX

RMN has an extensive network established in the area around the Giddings Field, specifically in Washington County, TX.  RMN is able to work with clients on many different types of opportunities in the area.  Here are a few situations where RMN can help:

  • Establishing / building acreage positions
  • Mineral and royalty acquisitions / divestitures
  • Right-of-way acquisitions for pipeline and gathering systems
  • Operational advisory for non-op funds

Currently, RMN has an exclusive engagement with a landowner in Washington County with a 950,000 bbl frac pond on his property that is positioned to support the Magnolia Oil & Gas Giddings Field current drilling operations.  The landowner is seeking liquidity options and is flexible on transaction structure. Contact us to learn more.